3. The Business Contractor on foundation construction conducted by TCS

The construction business on foundation construction is divided into 4 main tasks as followings:

  • Bored pile construction
  • Soil improvement work by high pressure injection of cement
  • Diaphragm types for wall barrier
  • General construction

In the beginning, the company will focus on bored piling work since it began to conduct the business in November, 2016, this is done with granted by the main contractor. For other work, it will expand as appropriate and readily as possible by the company.

Business Goal

In the mid-2016, the company has restructured its business by characterized and set the target goal for the business on clearly defined as followings:

Business distribution and repair services of heady duty machinery operated by CRANE

Recently, XCMG is the sole distributor of truck crane and drilling vehicle in Thailand. It aims to import goods from XCMG to the market to be recognized and accepted by the customers. With the close contribution between XCMG as the company of manufacturing the heavy duty machinery for construction as number one in China and the CRANE as expertise in the field of heavy duty machinery and being accepted by the customers in developing the products to meet the customer needs. With the quality and reasonable price, focus on goods after-sales service to give an understanding of how to use and control the machinery in an appropriate way and safety with simulators under the supervision of expert engineering. In addition, the company has also provided skilled repair with highly skill and experience to take care customers closely. The program periodically checks the customer’s machinery in the protective approach in order to keep the customer’s purchasing product in readily use condition with efficiency to ensure of the products and services for the company.

The business of rental services of machinery conducted by TCR and TCL

The company and subsidiaries still having goal to maintain as leadership for the services of lifting, assembling, installing, and moving equipment by focus on provide services of heavy duty industry such as Petrochemical, power plants, wind turbines, power generators, etc. with heavy machinery under the staff and operating system with international standard of ISO 9001:2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 as being certified by TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH, Germany. The company owns 1,250 tons of crane machinery as this becomes the largest crane in the country and serve of two number of cranes and employs foreign engineering who is expert from leading companies abroad to improve the work procedure to become the same standard as the world class company

The construction business foundation works by TCS

This business is a new business as the company plans to invest in the mid-year 2016 as it sees its trends of business growth from its infrastructure investments in public transport and government transportation as this becomes necessary to use in large number of piling works. In the beginning, it will focus on the specific work of bored piling work in the main wage. The company’s mission is to create this business to become another main pillar in creating the revenue for the company to grow and incline into the top 5 leader in the business within three years. However, in the business future, the company has a policy to expand the foundation services as one stop services for example, as the diaphragm wall barrier, the improvement of soil quality by pressure injection of cement and general construction as well